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A Very Merry Mid-Century Modern Christmas

This Christmas season, ring in holiday cheer with mid-century modern décor.

Retro Silhouettes

If mid-century modern lives in anything, it's silhouettes. For retro charm, look to chairs with curvy backs and lamps with geometric legs. Note, too, how in this mid-century home office, an arrangement of mod circular wall decor adds to the vintage holiday feel.

mid-century accent table

To start decking the halls with mid-century modern style, choose your color palette. You'll want to pick two or three versatile hues that encompass the understated, minimalist mentality of the '50s and '60s – but which will also pack a bold punch while delivering a cozy winter feel. While planning out which colors and pieces you prefer – and which of those follow the 'mid-century Christmas' aesthetic – will take a bit of time and effort on your part, the cozy vintage charm that results is sure to make it all worth it in the end!

In the home office featured above, there are three main colors (black, grey and brown), but note that this is not as important as the shades of each color. To help warm up and give the space a rich depth, the black is kept in a deep charcoal – and to offset its weight, the grey sofa and walls bring cooler tones. Finally, the natural brown finish of the lamp, chair and desk lighten the mood with a mid-century organic feel.

Fresh Winter Accents

Feel the chill of brisk winter weather with 'fresh white' accents, and then warm up with 'sweater-weather' textures. Above, the ivory throw blanket and dazzling white wall art add a 'frosty' glow to cozy colors and materials.


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