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A Roaring ‘20s New Year’s Eve

Waltz into the ‘20s with Gatsby-era furniture and decor – and welcome the New Year with all the glitz and glamour of yesteryear!
Waltz Into the ‘20s!

A 1920’s Celebration...

To usher in 2020, we’re taking a few steps back – by a hundred years, to be exact! Take an inside look at our recreation of what it would’ve been like to celebrate New Year’s Eve in the Roaring ‘20s – and get inspired by the lush decor that defined the era!
Sleek chrome + geometric prints + modern-minimalist furniture. It’s a trio that set the tone for the lavish parties of the ‘20s, each component simple in its own right – and coming together with the other to create an iconic sophistication.
Swept away.’ Every silhouette of every piece of decor and fashion, from the straight flapper dresses to the backs of furniture, is kept clean and minimalistic; even when there is some flourish, the flourish comes on in smooth sweeps of curves and waves. Welcome In a New Era!

What does a 1920s celebration have in common with 2020? For starters, much of the furniture of today takes inspiration from the Jazz Age – look no further than the rising trends toward bold geometrics, curved silhouettes and decorative metallics!
Fashion influences. One word: sequins. They’re as popular as ever now – and it’s all thanks to the trailblazing attire donned by Gatsby-era flappers!

The icing on top of the cake? Both then and now, the glitzier and more glamorous the party, the better! Lush colors like gold, silver and rich green dominated the scene in the ‘20s; in 2020, we’re keeping those color trends – and adding on to them with a little bit of texture. Luxurious velvet, anyone?
Cheers to a happy 2020 – hope it’s as ‘roaring’ as ever!

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