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A Halloween Party Space in Three Spooky Steps

These Halloween party ideas are so chilling, your guests may never make it past the front door. Cheers to a hauntingly good time!

1. ‘Goth’ It Up

Before the guests arrive, you’ll need to deck out your space with all the Halloween party essentials – think spooky spider webs, skeleton decor and black-and-orange party balloons.
But before you can deck out your space with such ghoulish delights, you’ll need a living room with dark vibes.
You’ll need an ambiance to set the mood for a satisfyingly sinister good time. You’ll need, in short, to ‘Goth’ it up.

The quickest way to Goth Street? Black furniture. Black sofas, black coffee tables, black rugs and black wall art, when combined with all the Halloween party decor, will spook your guests to no end.
(If you’re feeling sprightly, you can opt for some color. The dark purple accent chair in this all-black living room keeps the energy balanced – but still very, very Goth.)

2. Add a Hell-ium Balloon – or Fifty

Now’s the time for things below the surface…
….to come out of hiding – they just need a little bit of helium to get going!
Make a festive splash….
…with orange-and-black party balloons; as the saying goes, the more, the scarier!

3. Let Your Snacks Attack

At a normal party, snacks are for eating.
At a Halloween party, they’re for scaring.

With a little bit of creativity, your guests will be questioning just who’s doing the snackin’ – your guests, or the snacks themselves! Make sure your spread includes such skin-crawling goodies like eyeball cupcakes, bat cookies – and a skeleton hand or two for good measure.

The best part about this scary soiree? After the party’s over, the decor is cleared, and all ghosts, goblins, witches and warlocks are retreated back into hiding, the black furniture holds an elegant ground in its own right – and can be used year-round for a stunningly sophisticated living space. Shop darker looks here, and get ready for inbound compliments – from ghosts or otherwise!

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