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4 Ways to Incorporate Metallic Decor into Your Home

Give your home a subtle, sophisticated glow with metallic décor.

1. Mix + Match Metallics

Gone are the days when the design rule of thumb was ‘never mix metals.’ Now, pairing gold and silver, tarnish and shine is not only accepted but also embraced – making it easier to experiment with fun and unusual color combos.

Who says home art galleries have to be composed of wall art? Set aside some shelf space to display an artistic array of unique metallic décor.

metallic decor - mix and match

2. Tarnish + Distress

Pair tarnished copper, gold and silver against rustic textures – like exposed brick – for industrial chic at its finest.

3. Mirror Finishes

If you’re looking to incorporate metallic accents into your home, think outside the box; while mirrors aren’t normally thought of as ‘metallics,’ when featured in stand-out designs – like in the decorative desk pictured below – they offer a refreshing, breathtaking aesthetic.

metallic decor - mirror desk Mirror décor does more than bring sophisticated shine; light-reflective properties can deepen, elongate and widen, creating the illusion of a bigger, airier and brighter space.
metallic decor - console table If the idea of mirror furniture intrigues you, but you’re not entirely convinced, consider metallic furniture with high-shine, high-gloss surfaces for the same sophisticated appeal – without the intensity of reflection.

4. Gold + SIlver – in Unexpected Places

In the above living room corner, gold and silver wall plaques provide a subtle point of contrast for the stunning – and show-stealing – silver table lamp.
metallic decor - pillows

‘Metal’ and ‘fabric’ normally don’t belong together, but throw pillows in sleek shades of gold can break all the rules – and still bring gorgeous style.

Gold and silver don’t have to – and shouldn’t be – reserved for decorative accents; incorporate them into the furniture itself for surprise (and glamourous!) shine.

metallic decor - end table

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