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15 Outdoor Party Ideas & Essentials

Make a splash at your next summer bash with these outdoor party ideas – brought to you by the Living Spaces designers themselves!

1. Outdoor Aventura Bar Cart

“It’s not an outdoor party this summer without a fantastic selection of fun, tropical drinks – and there’s no better way to show it off than with the Outdoor Aventura Bar Cart. Made of resin wicker and featuring removable baskets and trays, it’s as casual and fun as it is sturdy and practical.” - Christina Garcia, Design Consultant

2. Wireless Speakers

“Go Bluetooth. It’ll make playing music requests that much easier!” - Sara Flores, Visual Stylist

3. Acapulco Bar Table and Chairs

“This collection is great for adults to gather, talk, enjoy adult beverages. Plus, the bright summer colors of the chairs are so fun!”
- Nancy Munoz, Visual Supervisor

4. Party Comfort

“Take stock of your current outdoor space. Do you have enough seating for guests to lounge comfortably? Will shade be a concern, or does shopping for a cantilever umbrella sound like a good idea? Considering these things ahead of time will give you peace of mind before the party.” - Tiyana White, Visual Stylist

5. Outdoor Grenada Egg Chair

“One thing I love about this design is its material – two different types of resin wickers, both 100% recyclable and hand-woven. As a result, you get an environmentally-conscious, natural aesthetic and durable comfort. Best of all? When not in use as the star of your backyard party, it also works as the perfect place to catch a quiet midday nap in solitude!” – Christina Garcia, Design Consultant

6. Trays for Days

“Outdoor trays—like our Set of 2 Gold and Wooden Trays—are not only stylish but useful. They make it easy to carry beverages from the counter to guests while adding a touch of character to your outdoor space.” - Tiyana White, Visual Stylist

7. Easy Bites

“You can’t go wrong with a beautiful display of fruit and snacks!!” - Nancy Munoz, Visual Supervisor

8. Sorrento Collection

“The Sorrento Collection is great for the children to gather, since it has storage compartments for their towels and pool toys!” - Nancy Munoz, Visual Stylist

9. Personalized Menus

“Know your guests! Do some prefer non-alcoholic drinks or eat vegan? Having a variety of options available when it comes time to chow will help make your guests feel welcome.” - Tiyana White, Visual Stylist

10. Ambient Lighting

“A little ambient lighting goes a long way. A rustic metal lantern turns nighttime lighting – a practical necessity – into a pretty statement piece. I especially prefer a dark, earthy stain to fit in with the surrounding colors of nature!” - Sara Flores, Visual Stylist

11. Ice Breakers

“Have a few fun, summertime games in mind. It's nice to let conversations and events unfold naturally, though having some ideas to fall back on during awkward lulls can keep the momentum going.” - Tiyana White, Visual Stylist

12. A 'Tidy' Checklist

“Don’t forget about the indoors! Just because it’s an outdoor party doesn’t mean guests won’t have to use the bathroom – so do a quick run-through to make sure everything’s all clean and tidied-up!” - Sara Flores, Visual Stylist

13. Party Playlists

“Two words: Great music!” - Nancy Munoz, Visual Supervisor

14. Tabletop Illumination

“Lanterns can help set the tone for an inviting summer evening social. The Outdoor 15 Inch Round Brown Rope Lantern is versatile enough to be used for both tabletop and hanging illumination.” - Tiyana White, Visual Stylist

15. Party Prep

“Test everything before party time. Taking the time to make sure the grill, lights, speakers and fire pit are good-to-go will save you hiccups in the long haul.” - Christina Garcia, Design Consultant

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