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15 Ceiling Decoration Ideas for Wall-to-Ceiling Perfection

A little ceiling love goes a long way. If you don’t believe us, check out the ceiling decoration ideas below – they bring out the best of the furniture below while raising the eye upward.

Why Decorate Ceilings?

Here’s the thing: for all its mysteries and wondrousness, the human mind is also very predictable. It’s for this reason that billions of dollars are poured into the advertising industry each year, that movie, book and music producers can tell exactly what will sell and what won’t sell beforehand, and that casinos and shopping malls don’t have clocks or windows. It’s also why interior design can be a science just as much as an art; strategic placement can shape the mind’s perception.

When most people walk into a room, they subconsciously search for a focal point, a sort of “center of gravity” or a “home base” within their field of vision. This is usually the object that catches their eye right when they walk in, a unique piece that signifies it, and thusly the space immediately surrounding it, is important. When the only focal point of a room is a sofa, the eye travels towards the floor – where the sofa is – and the lower half of the room becomes the most important (if not the only) half of the room. But when a ceiling carries a focal point, the eye travels upwards, and the mind suddenly “accepts” the entirety of the room, and all the space between the ceiling and the sofa is suddenly affirmed, becomes enlivened, inhabitable and breathable, as if the room suddenly doubled in size.

The reason, in other words, to decorate ceilings is that it is an easy way to make a room feel bigger, more inviting and, simply, more stylish!

1. Black to Match

This ceiling fan gets proper attention thanks to a statement black wall to match. Add to that statement cherry wood furniture, and you’ve got a color scheme that plays at all the right angles – crisp, warm and modern. Also note the sconces above the bed; they balance out the fan and add that much more lighting for bedtime reading

2. Sunburst

This statement ceiling hits all the right spots. A “bursting” lamp feels very mid-century and continues the pattern motif provided by the wallpaper and bedding. Meanwhile, a white palette allows the pendant and patterns to shine and creates airiness.

3. Wall Art

You can’t have a well-designed ceiling without well-designed walls. After all, you can’t look at a ceiling without looking at the walls directly below it! Ceilings and their walls are a package deal, so before you hang up a chandelier and call it a day, consider wall décor and wall art, as well.

4. Feel for It

When designers talk about creating feel with texture, they’re not just talking about what you actually feel with your hands – they’re also talking about what you can imagine feeling. For example, this coastal woven pendant contrasts with the plush sofa and silky drapes; while the hands can’t touch it, the mind does the rest.

5. Fan (& Hanging Plant)

Ceiling fans are usually the star of the ceiling, but here, a hanging planter asks to share the spotlight. (Just make sure to hang the planter far enough away so that it won’t topple over when the fan is on!) Here, the planter adds decoration to a ceiling corner – one of the trickiest areas to fill.

6. From the Beams

High ceiling beams add architectural interest to a dining room and hanging pendants. The exposed framework-style beams mimic an authentic farmhouse, and the pendants add symmetry, dark detail and, when on, a warm glow. (The pendants also run the expanse of the dining table – a nice, balancing touch.)

7. High Shine

This chandelier is, like, ‘grand ballroom’-worthy, and we’re loving how it fits into this elegant dining room. The silver chandelier pays homage to the neighboring wall mirrors, and both chandelier and mirrors provide textural shine against the fabric and wood.

8. A Wall-Art-and-Ceiling Duet

This ceiling isn’t just about the chic farmhouse pendant – it’s also about the wall art behind it. Decorating a ceiling is just as much about decorating a ceiling as it is about decorating the ceiling’s wall. Without one, the other doesn’t have anything to contrast against.

9. High Style

This modern dining room doesn’t have high ceilings, but an intricate chandelier still works. This is thanks to shape: a rectangle form gives the chandelier the same dose of geometry as the square wall art and rectangle table. (Note how the chandelier is hung just above the tallest centerpiece; if it was hung just to the left or right, the whole aesthetic would feel off-balance.)

10. Level Up

When you think about it, the shelves on this back wall are actually kind of “preparing” the eye for the ceiling – they’re layered every so slightly to draw the eye toward the ceiling fan. Each piece plays off the other for satisfying balance.

11. Variety Show

Variety is the spice of life (and décor)! This ceiling space uses a variety of lights for style contrast – and to separate the living area from the dining area. Even in the daytime, the hanging pendants brighten up the space by sheer design work alone – no lightbulbs needed!

12. Crossing Lines

While this ceiling fan is pretty show-stealing, it doesn’t deter from the fact that this bedroom has a pretty unique ceiling that slants at an upward angle. The bright blue wall highlights the angles, and employs a mirror right below where the angles meet – to highlight them even further!

13. As Above, So Below

So far, we’ve touched on the importance of designing the wall beneath a ceiling, along with the ceiling itself. But what if the ceiling itself (or at least the area you’re working with) doesn’t have a wall to go with it? In that case, as in the case of the photo above, use symmetry in furniture to tie the ceiling’s décor with what’s below.

14. Wall’s Ceiling

When comparing wall décor and ceiling décor, it’s usually the ceiling décor that will carry most of the style weight – it’s the ceiling décor that makes the biggest statement, while the walls act as a kind of neutral springboard to let the ceiling shine. Here, however, the reverse is true; a dainty chandelier accentuates a bold wall art piece that does all the talking.

15. High End

These extra-high ceilings are treated to high style with a matte black fan, which transforms negative ceiling space into refreshed energy. (These ceilings are very high, and the fan here does more than look cute – it also acts as a sort of anchor, orienting all the space.)

Alternative Ceiling Decor

Ceiling décor doesn’t have to be limited to fans and lighting. Here are some alternative ways to incorporate style up above!

Alternative ceiling décor idea: Hanging plants. Plants don’t grow from the ceiling, right? With sleek hanging planters designed to be hung from ceilings, who’s to say? It’s alternative ceiling decor, to be sure, but with the right installation and indoor plants to hold, creates a swingin’ good time – and air-cleaning oxygen!

Alternative ceiling décor idea: Ceiling tapestries. This one involves a large tapestry (like a large blanket or quilt) stretched over a ceiling and secured with push pins or nails. This will create the kind of effect that will make you wish you could walk on the ceiling, making the ceiling feel just as comfy and livable as the floor. (Ceiling tapestries can also be hung perpendicular to the ceiling and floor, so that it hangs down instead of lying flat.) This look isn’t exactly traditional or modern, but somewhere in between; we’ll call it boho!

Alternative ceiling décor idea: Above door décor. Technically, the top of a doorway is a ceiling; it’s over your head and runs parallel to the floor. Incorporating décor on the bit of wall space above a door, though, is a heck of a lot easier than incorporating de facto ceiling decor, since above a door you’ve got a wall to work with – and support for your decor in the fight against gravity. So, what is a decorating-above-the-door method? Hanging a wreath or sign! Both are available in small-enough sizes to fit in the awkward above-door wall stretch and carry just the right amount of style subtlety to catch an upwards-gazing eye. Above-door signs and wreaths work in all styles: modern, traditional, boho, etc.

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