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12 Wall Decor Ideas for Every Room

Wall decor can make any room feel refreshed in an instant. Here’s how to decorate with decals, art and more for every room.

1. Walls with Wings

Whether you have a little future ornithologist on your hands (or you are one yourself!), what better way to express a passion for our “feathered friends” than with bird wall decor? From winged wallpaper to bird wall statues, when it comes to wall decorating options, the sky’s the limit!

2. Word Art

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but sometimes, even that’s not enough to get your point across. If you’re after a little more expression, consider word art!

3. Decals

If you’re tired of following “Rules of Decor,” stick it to the man with stickers. We’re loving the living room walls above – which make creative use of decals to bring out the whimsical side of a gorgeous gold wall mirror.

4. Road Trip

Give your child’s dreams some fuel – and an open expressway for joyous travels. Whether you choose to paint directly on the walls or opt for removable decals, blank wall space suddenly turns into a canvas bursting with potential.

5. Accent Wall

In a darker mood? Paint a wall in your bedroom a rich tone of blue or purple for bold, soothing ambiance.

6. Wall Clock

We’re loving the gigantic wall clock on the back wall of this farmhouse dining room – if for no other reason than it being the most stylish reminder to always leave on time!

7. Wallpaper

Wallpaper is making a comeback – and we’re fully on board. From pretty florals to bold geometrics, there’s a pattern out there for every taste. Remember, though, that you don’t have to cover every centimeter; in the bedroom above, wallpaper covers only a fraction of an all-white interior!

8. Wall Art

Framed art is a classic way to decorate your walls. For a cohesive motif, make sure each room’s art contains similar colors and subjects.

9. Hat Rack

Minimalist living has a chic side, as proved by this quaint, neutral bedroom (pictured right), where a basic hat display is as aesthetic as anything.

10. 3D Paneling

Find your groove in the third dimension, with raised wall panels in calming geometric lines. Cover the entire wall in a giant mural, or opt for smaller panels (that still invoke “big” ideas).

11. Farmhouse Brick

For a sweet rustic vibe, a brick wall is everything. If you’re lucky enough that your home’s structure already includes one, take it to your advantage. Coat it in a light paint of white for a sweeter, farmhouse feel – and stencil in some “typewriter” lettering for an “authentic vintage” touch.

12. Wall Mirrors

Would Snow White have gotten her happily ever after without the “mirror, mirror on the wall?” We think not. Wall mirrors are, after all, the (often unsung) heroes of beautiful rooms. They’re hardworking, unfussy, gorgeous. They’re decorating superstars, and our favorite way to dress up a wall (and the perfect way to end this list). We could sing the reasons why we love them for days – but we’ll leave you with just one: they reflect light, making whatever room they’re in feel instantly 10x brighter and breezier. (Okay, two: they also reflect beautiful you!)

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