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How to Warm Up a Room Without a Heater

Make your home a little less cold and a little more cozy with these tips for warming up room without a heater.

How to Make a Room Warmer Without a Heater

  • Area rug. Rugs are stylish, colorful and fun, but they also serve another purpose: warmth. Highly-dense rugs mean less air between the fibers, amounting to higher insulation. The larger the rug, the more insulation! For extra warmth, go with wool or cotton as opposed to synethetic types.
  • Draft snake. Draft snakes are fabric tubes densely filled with dried rice or beans, designed to be placed at the bottom of doorways to block cold air. Search online for draft snake, and you'll discover a myriad of luxury brands claiming that theirs is the best. While shelling out a few extra bucks for a draft snake can't hurt in terms of warming up your space, keep in mind that these products are easy to make on your own (for free)!
  • Bring in lighting. Like rugs, lamps are thought of as a style accessory but can also provide essential value as heaters. Increasing the amount of table lamps, sconces and ceiling lighting in a small room can up the temperature, even if just by small increments. 

What Is the Cheapest Way to Heat a Room?

The cheapest way to heat a room is with something you already own: a ceiling fan. On hot days, a fan will push warm air against cool air, which gives you that refreshing feeling as though the room's temperature has dropped. In the winter, you can hack the cycle to work the opposite way: flipping the rotation so that the fan spins clockwise. 

Doing this will result in cold air being drawn up and warmer air being pushed down, creating a feeling of higher temperatures.

How to Make Your Room Warmer

Granted that you're following the tips above, there are additional tips for warmth.

First, make sure your windows are closed. This might sound obvious, but a check thoughout all rooms may have you finding that some windows are "almost closed." Close each window all the way until you hear a click to make sure the air is completely sealed off.

Another way to encourage warmth is to cook. The more heat appliances you've got going, the more heat is generated. Opening and closing of ovens, microwaves, tea kettles, toasters and fryers will cozy up your space (even if it's just the kitchen). Not to mention, you'll get something tasty out of it!

The Cheapest Way to Heat a Room Without Central Heating

If you don't have central heating but still want to invest in a heating method, a cheaper alternative is portable heaters. While they'll still cost you, they're the least expensive option. Look for space heaters, convection heaters and fan-forced heaters.

How to Keep Rooms Warm

Warming up a room is one thing but keeping it warm is another. Keep the doors within your house closed to prevent drafts, keep a lit fireplace (supervised!) and avoid objects that might be blocking a heating system. If you do have a central heating system, you may also want to look into smart thermostats that monitor the temperatures, ensuring that your room stays warm until it's turned off!

Hot Outside but Cold Inside? Take a Lesson From JustFab

The arrival of summer means record high temps outside and record low temps inside many offices. Just ask the team at JustFab!

Staff at the leading fashion subscription site and lifestyle brand are freezing their stylish tushes off at work (we know the feeling), so they came up with genius fashion solutions to dress for vastly different indoor/outdoor climates. You can check out those pearls of wisdom on their blog, The Style Edit.

They also partnered with Living Spaces to warm things up in the JustFab brand room. From sofas, tochairs, to accessories, the team now has a space as on-trend as they are. Read all about it here!

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