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Jeremiah Brent Presents: Designing by Destination

With kids out of school, lazy summer vibes in the air, and the absolute best weather, summer is a time for travel, adventures and getting things done. This time of the year always seems like a perfect time to tackle those projects that you’ve been holding off on.

Maybe the warmer weather and longer days afford you the opportunity to tackle that renovation or home expansion, or maybe you want to start a new hobby like gardening and re-do your landscaping. Or perhaps you belong to a family who wants to hit the road, leaving home behind and seeking new adventures beyond the horizon.

No matter which style is yours, I encourage you to combine them this year. Travel is a source of incredible inspiration for me, and I want to share some of the ways that I love to incorporate my experiences abroad and at home into my interior design. Here are some of my top tips for bringing the most special parts of your travels home:

Perhaps you fell in love with the flora of your vacation destination, or maybe you spent your whole trip staring up at the architecture.

When you get home, instead of lamenting the loss of those daily visual pleasures, find a way to bring them into your space. Find some plants that remind you of the greenery that you loved, whether it’s a tropical flower, or a potted tree that is reminiscent of the one you spent your break lounging under.

Or, if you’re missing the lines of the buildings that you’d explored, find fabric prints that showcase the same lines and details, and look for new pillows; it’s always a good time to refresh your sofa or bed!

Find some plants that remind you of the greenery that you loved, whether it’s a tropical flower, or a potted tree that is reminiscent of the one you spent your break lounging under.”
fireplace with various sculptural objects

Mimic the Materials
If you fell in love with all of the teak in Bali, or the sunbleached stone and concrete in Mexico, find a way to bring those textures and materials into your home. Accent tables or sculptural objects are wonderful ways to do this that won’t break the bank, but will make a big visual impact.

If you can buy textiles and fabrics when you’re on your travels, even better! Those can become throw blankets, pillows, curtains, or maybe even fresh upholstery for a chair.

Feature Faces and Places
If you have an eye for photography (and even if you think that you don’t!), take a few opportunities every day on your trip to record some of your favorite places and moments. We spend a lot of time behind screens, so I encourage you to pick up an old-school point-and-shoot camera and limit yourself to 5-10 pictures a day.

You’ll curate what you decide to take photos of, and you will have a healthy mix  of lasting memories, both experiential and photographic. Once you’re home, pick a few favorites and have them printed and professionally framed. Your new art is not only incredibly personal, but will be a constant reminder of your adventures.

However you decide to translate your travels into your daily life at home, remember that our experiences not only affect who we are as people, but how we present ourselves.

Honoring the traditions, cultures, and places that you’ve been lucky enough to experience can take many forms, and bringing those memories into your home cements them as part of what makes you you. So enjoy your travels, get inspired and refresh your homes this summer in the spirit of humanity.

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