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Inspiration Through the Eyes of a Stylist

By Shelley Caldwell

Shelley is a wife, a mother of two, and an Interior Stylist. She has grown her Instagram following by sharing photos of her home – and telling her story – through the pieces that are in it. She has loved turning her newly built house into a home that her entire family can be proud of.

I have always had a love for interior design. I constantly changed things around in my parents’ home; straightening rugs and picture frames and moving furniture were things that came naturally. It was not until I had children and became a stay-at-home mom that I realized how important it is to enjoy the space I call my office. I began following a few of my favorite designers on Instagram and before I knew it, I was posting pictures of my own home in the hope of inspiring others. I was asked by several acquaintances to style their homes and just like that, my styling journey began.
I find inspiration in many places: other stylists and designers, design books, nature, different cultures, and my family. I use these various forms of inspiration in my own home as well as when I am designing for others.

I follow one simple rule- “I don’t design for designers, I design for real people.” I enjoy working with what people already own- re-styling pieces to create a new look in an existing space. Like myself, my clients are on a budget however, and everyone deserves an inviting haven to call home. If you are comfortable in your home, others will be as well.
I enjoy watching the trends ebb and flow. The major trend I see often, and that I follow myself, is mixing different textures. In adhering to a cohesive color pallet and infusing the space with varying textures, depth and interest are added to a space. I enjoy designing an entire room and giving clients the opportunity to see our vision come to fruition. Also, I like the challenge of styling vignettes, specifically open shelving. This can take a lot of editing, however, the end result is incredibly rewarding.
Simplicity and clean lines with a rustic-modern twist explain my style. I like to use textiles, including pillow covers, throws and cushions to add depth and interest to a space. Textiles are the most cost-effective way to change the overall feeling in a room. My style is reflected through the mixture of unique items found from small businesses and national retailers alike. I enjoy doing collaborations with small businesses and I appreciate the distinct touch their pieces add to my home.
I enjoy being able to tap into my creativity through design and styling. This has become an outlet to express myself on a daily basis. My family and I live a very simple life. Though we are homebodies, we love to travel. We have several places we would like to visit and check off our bucket list. My husband and I recently celebrated our 10 year anniversary with a weeklong cruise to the Eastern Caribbean. While we had an amazing time, we were excited to come home to our family.
Thank you for getting inspired by my interests and the people that have inspired me in return.
Follow Shelley on Instagram at @restored_haven.

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