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A Bedroom Makeover Fit for a New Decade

By Finn Carr & Living Spaces

Finn Carr is a young actor known for his roles in hit shows like Alexa & Katie, Fuller House, and Criminal Minds. He resides in California with his family, where he enjoys hanging out with friends, playing video games, and spending time with his new puppy.

Redecorating your living space is exciting at any age, but there’s something extra thrilling about your first bedroom makeover. Just ask Finn Carr, who recently shopped Living Spaces to refresh and modernize his room for the new decade! We caught up with Finn to get the details on his room refresh and what he likes to do at home. Read on for our Q&A, and get inspired to redecorate your own space for a fresh start in the new year!

What do you love most about your room makeover?

Everything! Seriously I just love all of it and I still can’t believe it’s my room!

What was your favorite part of shopping at Living Spaces?

I loved how friendly and helpful everyone was at Living Spaces. Also, I’ve never been on an actual shopping spree, so it was SUPER exciting!!

LS: What’s your favorite new accessory or piece of furniture?
FC: I love my desk because it holds all of my electronics and it looks really cool! Oh and my pillows... they are so comfy!

LS: Do you like to sleep in or wake up early?

FC: I’m NOT a morning person AT ALL!

What do you most love to do when you’re at home and hanging out in your room?

This is the first time I’ve ever had a room of my own. I just love spending time there and knowing that it’s mine!

Do you prefer reading books or playing video games?

I definitely love playing Fortnite, and with my new desk it’s so much fun! But I also love reading and listening to audio books. I’ve read hundreds of books through my ears, and now I can hang out in my room and listen!

LS: Will you, in fact, be eating more tacos? 😊

FC: I will always eat more tacos! I love that I finally have a piece of art that describes the true ME!

LS: What movies or tv shows can we expect to see you in in the near future?
FC: I just finished shooting a huge commercial. Look for it to air in February 2020!

Follow Finn on Instagram at @finn_carr08.

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