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4 Ways Nate and Jeremiah Embrace Hygge in their New Collection

A word used to describe the warm and cozy Danish way of life, hygge (pronounced “hoo-gah”) was introduced to us a few years ago when it swept the nation as a major lifestyle trend. Although the full-blown hygge frenzy has dissipated, the desire to create more mindful, more beautiful spaces remains, and it’s embraced in the new upholstery collection that Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent have created. The incomparable interior designers weave the fundamentals of hygge in their pieces, and in the way they style them. Here’s how.

Nate + Jeremiah Hygge Wen

1 | Neutral Tones

The idea of hygge is to instill a sense of serenity and peacefulness in your space. Neutral tones are an easy and lovely way to do that, and they just happen to be a favorite of Nate and Jeremiah. From creams, to taupes, to wood tones, this palette is inherently calming and key to a hygge home.

Nate + Jeremiah Hygge matteo

2 | Simple Things

It’s amazing how placing a chair in a corner can make it instantly inviting, right? With this small styling choice, Nate and Jeremiah have created a moment where you can imagine yourself curling up with a cup of hot cocoa and a book. That moment is what hygge is all about. Taking pleasure in the simple things and turning them into fond memories.

Nate + Jeremiah Hygge Ames

3 | Cozy Vibes

Super soft, extra touchable textures are essential in a hygge-inspired room, and Nate and Jeremiah’s pieces have got that concept covered. From the luxurious velvety upholstery on their Ames sofa, to the thick shearling-style fabric on their Chloe cocktail ottoman, the layers are all ultra-comfortable and ultra-irresistible.

Nate + Jeremiah Hygge bench

4 | Natural Elements

Although this vignette from Nate and Jeremiah’s feature in our Fall Catalog doesn’t include any of their upholstered pieces, it reflects their love of bringing the outside into their spaces - a main ingredient in hygge interiors. The natural warmth and beauty that materials like wood add to a room are the heart and soul of hygge.

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