Synchrony Bank Credit Card Troubleshooting Steps


If your Synchrony Bank Credit Card is getting declined when used online, please follow these troubleshooting steps to re-submit your payment. For direct help, please email

Step 1

Did you complete your credit application in a store?

If so, you will need to activate your card when you receive it. Do this by calling the number on back of the card from the phone number listed on the account. If you try to use your credit card before activating it, you will be declined at checkout online. Skip this step if you applied online or have already activated your card.

Step 2

Is the amount of the new purchase pushing you over your approved credit limit?

You can check this by going to to access your online account. You can verify what your available credit limit is.

  • If your new purchase will put you over the limit, please remove some items from your cart before checking out again.
  • You can also come into a retail store to discuss a temporary increase to your credit line.

Step 3

Are you placing a Special Order?

If you are placing a special order online, it is not possible to use your Synchrony card for the purchase. To use your Synchrony card on a special order, you will need to come into a store and pay for at least 20% of the order with cash or credit card.

  • To complete a special order online, you’ll need to use a credit card for the entire purchase.

Step 4

Is your purchase amount at least $150 before taxes?

Only purchase amounts of $150 or more are eligible for Synchrony.

Step 5

Please verify that your Synchrony Billing Address and the Shipping Address you entered during checkout are the same if you are doing a delivery.

If you are picking up your items from a store, the Billing Address you entered during checkout must match the Synchrony Billing Address.

  • You can update your Synchrony Billing Address by going to This should match what you entered on your checkout on Living Spaces. Once you update your address on, wait a day before attempting your purchase again.

Step 6

If you have completed these steps and are still getting declined, there is likely another issue that is preventing you from being able to purchase online.

  • Please go to a retail store with your card so we can complete your purchase there.