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Buy One, Give One

Buy One, Give One. Purchase a Premium Reveive Set, and a deserving veteran will receive a FREE Revive mattress and foundation. At select participating Stores between August 21 and September 10.

Buy One, Give One revive mattresses event

June 26 - July 16 | buy one, give one | when you purchase a premium revive set, a deserving veteran will receive a free revive mattress.

Through our partnership with Arizona Helping Hands – a non-profit organization that assists foster families – you can get the support you need and give foster care children a safe place to sleep.

Working together to ensure the comfort, security and well-being of children in foster homes is part of our mission to help build a better community. We are honored to extend an opportunity for you to support Arizona Helping Hands and other important causes as you find the right mattress.

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Visit our newly revamped Revive Sleep Centers located inside our Arizona stores Arizona stores, and find all of your sleep essentials.

Eligible Premium Revive Sets—Available In-Store Only

  • Revive Blue Springs
  • Revive Blue Hybrid
  • Revive Copper Springs
  • Revive Copper Hybrid

About Arizona Helping Hands

A non-profit organization that provides foster and indigent families with donated essentials, Arizona Helping Hands is dedicated to collecting and distributing mattresses, cribs, beds, blankets, clothes and other supplies to foster care children in need. In 2016, over 2,000 children received cribs and beds. Learn more

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